SMG3 Shift Rod Position Sensor Repair Service

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A very common failure on the GS7S47BG SMG III transmission, the wiring insulation becomes brittle and flakes away resulting in shifting errors on the transmission.

Common fault codes leading to this are:4F80, 4F82, 4F85

Since these sensors are programmed from the factory to the specific magnet on the back of each shift piston in the actuator, these can not be removed and replaced with a different sensor strip. This means that wiring repair is the only economical option.

All original OEM external wiring is removed and replaced with MILSPEC TefzelM22759/32-22-49 wiring.Raychem SCL and DR25 heat shrink are used in the to protect the wire bundle and environmentally seal the bundle.New connector installed with service / strain relief loops

Free shipping in the US, additional fees apply outside the US.


Once purchased, ship your shift sensor to:

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Please allow 3-5 business days for repair.