SMG III Hydraulic Unit Refurbishment Service

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Complete Service for overhaul and refurbishment of

SMG III Hydraulic Unit for GS7S47BG Transmission in all E60 and E63 M5 and M6 models.


Due to increasing demand for Hydraulic Units and lack of core returns, we are no longer able to offer ready-to-ship hydraulic units.  We are transitioning this product into a service and will overhaul your existing unit upon receipt.


Description of work:

  • Complete disassembly of unit to the smallest possible component
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of all components in a pH neutral degreasing solution
  • Visual and ultrasonic inspections of major components for crack detection
  • Electrical characteristic testing and validation-to-standard of all electrical and electronic components
  • All software (o-rings and seals) replaced with Viton or Viton Extreme components
  • Refurbished OEM or aftermarket improved hydraulic pump motor, depending on availability.
  • Refurbished OEM Clutch Slave Cylinder
  • *Optional*  New OEM Clutch Position Sensor (PLCD)
  • Gear position sensor strip rewired with Tefzel MILSPEC wiring.
  • Main wiring harness inspection, cleaning, and conductivity/insulation testing.


Testing Performed:

  • Solenoid valve winding impedance and insulation checks
  • Complete bleeding and ventilation of clutch slave cylinder and actuator block
  • Pump Pressure maximum output test
  • Static pressure leak-down test (verifies check valve seating and clutch valve seal integrity)
  • Accumulator pre-pressurization test
  • Clutch position sensor operation verification (Note: This can not guarantee proper operation in the under-car environment. We always recommend replacing the PLCD.)
  • Actuator block linearity testing
  • Clutch characteristic curve adaptation using OEM SMG Computer on a test transmission
  • Actuator block adaptation using OEM SMG Computer on a test


Warrantied to be free of defect for 2 year from purchase provided proper evidence of installation and calibration (adaptation) by a competent technician is provided.  This warranty applies to the hydraulic unit only and not any associated labor charges for installation / removal.