Fast Attack Motorsports S65 V-8 Performance Tuning

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Fast Attack Motorsports S65 V-8 Performance Tuning

***Instructions for using the new OBD iFlash adapter and flash software here.***


Having spent years studying the internal workings of the Siemens MSS60 and MSS65 Digital Motor Electronics (DME) and their associated programming, we are proud to announce our performance DME tuning. 



    As in most things we enter the market in, we approach things a bit differently with a clean slate.  With this in mind, we have abandoned the traditional sales model  for tuning in referring to "stages".  The term is somewhat arbitrary and leads to misconceptions as to what the product is capable of.  Gone also are the à la carte pricing for the somewhat mundane options available.  Most of these changes are a few bytes of data changed here or there and represent no significant additional amount of work to enable or disable.  



    The bottom line in choosing an ECU calibration for almost everyone is performance.  No matter how great a company's reputation, customer service, or choice of options, performance is the measure by which the product will be judged.  While performance gains will vary from one engine to the next, horsepower gains of 25-30 HP can be expected on a stock engine without any supporting bolt-on upgrades.  



    The S85 and S65 engines were the primary drivers for the formation of our company.  They represent the last bastion of pure naturally aspirated BMW M Power and embody all the principles which vaulted BMW to the top of the motorsports world and performance car market.    We have helped many owners over their years out of passion for the platform, long before the notion of forming a business even came to us.  As a business, we carry this even further and will stand behind our product and support our customers.



-   Speed Limiter Removal:  The factory DME limits the vehicle to 155 MPH via internal software.   This option removes the limiters to allow exploring the upper end of what these vehicles are capable of.  Please, use responsibly in a controlled environment such as on the race track or air strip.

-   O2 Readiness Override (For off-road use only):  One of the largest restrictions in the S85's airflow path is the close-coupled catalytic converters located in the headers.  Many aftermarket off-road use headers remove the primary cats or replace them with high-flow race cats to allow the engine to breath better.  This results in a "Service Engine Soon" light illuminated on the instrument cluster as the DME stores a code for "Catalytic Converter Efficiency" due to the increased oxygen present at the post-cat O2 sensors.  This option removes the SES light generated by this condition to allow for other more significant error codes to alert the driver when something is wrong.

-   Cold Start Delete:  This option removes the catalytic converter heating routine which was implemented on most modern vehicles for the purpose of meeting ULEV and SULEV emissions certifications in the US.  The US DOT set the requirements for these certifications so that a new vehicle entering the US market must meet the applicable emissions requirements within a short period of time after engine start from a cold condition.  In order to achieve this, most all auto manufacturers relocated the catalytic converters as close to the engine as possible (in the actual exhaust manifold for most BMWs) and implemented a "Katheizen" (German for Cat Heating) routine in the DME.  This Katheizen routine alters the exhaust valve timing, fuel injector pulse-width, and ignition timing to allow for incomplete combustion of a cylinder's air/fuel charge before entering the exhaust manifold where combustion continues, rapidly warming up the catalytic converter.  This accounts for the "cold-start" sound of the S65 and rather rough running that occurs if driven away prior to completion of the cycle.  Selecting this option disables the Katheizen routine entirely and has no negative effect whatsoever on the normal operation of the engine.  In fact, it is our opinion that combined with the low cylinder pressures and higher than average oil consumption of the S65, that this routine may be a contributing factor in the short life-span of the primary cats many S85 owners have experienced over the years.

-   RPM Limiter Raised:  Standard option is for 8500 RPM. Please note this is primarily to allow for stretching out a gear a bit longer to allow coming into the next gear slightly higher in the power curve.  The S65 torque and horsepower curves are already declining at this point due to restrictiveness of the intake tract.