FAMS nFlash Tablet User Manual


- Stock DME. If you have an existing tune, you must revert to a stock condition or the nFlash tablet will most likely be unable to read out your DME.

- A healthy charged battery. The initial read by the tablet is a complete back up of your DME and can take up to two hours to read, especially on an LCI vehicle. Pre-LCI vehicles use a dual K-line interface and have significantly fast data transfer speeds.

- A windows computer for the nFlash software. Currently, we have not been able to run the nFlash software successfully in a virtual machine on any version of Mac OS. This software is needed to extract the base file from your tablet to email to us.

- Download the nFlash software from the following URL:


Tablet Instructions

1. Connect the n-Flash Tablet to the OBD port of your car. Turn the ignition on and ensure the key is in the slot if you have Comfort Access. This is critical for CA cars as the ignition will turn off automatically after a period of time potentially interrupting the DME read.
2. Press the "Tuning" Icon on the n-Flash tablet screen. Navigate to your chassis using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the touch display.
3. When prompted to read the DME, press "OK". This process can take up to two hours, so make sure your battery is in good health or connected to a charger.
4. When the read is complete, disconnect the n-Flash Tablet from the vehicle.
5. Launch the n-Flash software on your PC and connect the n-Flash Tablet using the supplied OBD cable. The n-Flash software will connect to the internet to synchronize the licensing between the tablet and the master server.
6. Download the base file from the n-Flash Tablet to the n-Flash software and save to your PC.
7. Email the file along with a list of modifications and your desired tune options to: tuning@fastattackmotorsports.com.
8. Within a couple of days, we will email back to you a new file. This file is then loaded into your tablet for use in the car.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. As with the launch of any new product, we appreciate feedback to improve it.